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Preview of Coming Attractions for 2015: SCOTUS Rulings on Employment Issues


Look for Supreme Court opinions in 2015 on the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Title VII, and the EEOC. Leslie Zieren, Esq. shares information about these cases. Read more...


Asleep At The Wheel - Why Is The Risk Of Cyberattacks Being Ignored?


Study shows senior executives are concerned about cybersecurity, but few are addressing the problem adequately. What about your organization? Read more...


EEOC Attacks On Employer Wellness Plans Causes Confusion And Questions


The ACA encourages employers to promote wellness, but the EEOC finds some programs discriminatory. Read about the Commission's challenge to employer wellness practices. Read more...


Protecting Seasonal Employees - Two Areas Of Risk Employers Should Consider


It's the holiday season! How should employers prepare for seasonal employees and the risks they present? Read more...


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Are You Connected 24/7? Our Readers Share Their Connectivity

Are our readers connected to work 24/7? Read and find out.

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Supreme Court Rules On Whether Security Screening Is Compensable Time

Workers screened to prevent loss of inventory won't be paid for time spent in security screening lines. Read about the significant economic impact of the Court's ruling.

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Affinity Bias - Normal Human Behavior Or Discrimination?

New study shows people want to surround themselves with people who are like them. Is this just normal human behavior or a discrimination risk?

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When Sensitivity Training Goes Insensitive - How Training Meant To Lower Risk Increased It

Employers must monitor what message trainers give to employees. Learn how one sensitivity training led to claims of insensitivity and what you can do to avoid this.

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