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Employee Performance Reviews - Under Used Or Outdated?


Performance reviews are a top management challenge. Read about this challenge, and learn how to make performance reviews a valuable tool for your organization. Read more...


Background Check Litigation - Fair Credit Reporting Act Claims Are On The Rise


Does your organization use background reports on applicants or employees? Leslie Zieren, Esq. shares about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how to address a new risk. Read more...


Are Your Immigration Procedures Too Tough? The Department Of Justice Wants To Know


Employers that go beyond the normal I-9 requirements are taking a risk. Read tips on how you can comply with government regulations. Read more...


Are Wearables The New Risk To The Workplace?


Digital wearables are coming to the workplace. Kirstin Heffner, Esq. explores some of the benefits and some of the risks this new technology will bring to employers. Read more...


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Is The Customer Always Right? Sexual Harassment Risks From Third Parties

Sexual harassment continues to be a workplace risk, so every organization must take steps to prevent it. Learn what you can do to protect your employees.

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Considering Onsite Childcare? Know The Risks.

The majority of our readers think onsite day care would be a useful benefit. Read about some risks of managing onsite child care at the workplace.

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New OSHA Reporting Requirements Are On The Horizon: Are You Ready?

On January 1, 2015, a new OSHA rule goes into effect on reporting employee injuries. Read about the new rule.

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Pay Schedule Requirements Of The Fair Labor Standards Act - Are You In Compliance?

Cheerleaders agree to a $1.25 million settlement of their wage and hour lawsuit. Employers must pay proper wages when they are due.

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