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Dazed and Confused: How Employers Should Address Employees Who Lie About Race

Jack McCalmon

Spokane NAACP head is revealed as white after claiming her race was black for many years. Jack McCalmon addresses the whacky questions this situation presents to employers. Read more...


Inmate Seduces And Then Sues For Sexual Harassment: Is This Right?


Two female guards have sex with an inmate. They get jail time as a result, and he sues for sexual harassment. We want you to weigh in on this bizarre case. Read more...


Trying To Do Right Leads To A Title VII Wrong? Title VII's Gender Protections Apply To Males, Too.


"Females only" job posting leads to liability. Leslie Zieren highlights the situation and where the employer went wrong. Read more...


Time To Be Paranoid About Data Breaches? If You Have Employee Files, Here's The Answer

Jack McCalmon

Recent hacks into government files prove hackers, including foreign governments, want your employee data. Jack McCalmon shows how you can be less of a target. Read more...


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Employees Want Health And Wellness Programs- Incentives, Penalties And All

Employees want health and wellness programs, but government agencies continue to send mix signals to employers.

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Going From Bad To Worse: How Employers Should Manage Whistleblowers

An employee blows the whistle and then commits suicide. We examine the pressures around whistleblowing and the legal risks.

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Equal Pay Act Violations And Title VII Pay Discrimination: Do You Know The Differences?

An employer is sued for $110M for gender discrimination. We explain how the Equal Pay Act differs and how it works in tandem with Title VII pay discrimination.

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Our Readers Say Other Employees Are The Best Part Of The Job

We asked our readers what is the best part of their jobs, and they said working with other people.

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