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Welcome to the redesigned Risk Management Plus+ Online, a robust website brought to you by Travelers designed to help you mitigate your management liability and crime exposures. The new Risk Management Plus+ Online includes articles, checklists, best practice minute videos, podcasts, and a sample employee handbook to help you manage not only your employment practices risks, but also cyber, crime, directors & officers, fiduciary, kidnap & ransom, and identity fraud exposures. The site has been redesigned to provide this content in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Renewal Premium Credits Available to Our EPL Policyholders

Travelers believes that Risk Management PLUS+ Online and its array of products and services provide a significant risk management value to our policyholders. In addition, we offer renewal premium credits* to policyholders that purchase Employment Practices Liability from Travelers Bond & Financial Products; utilize the Risk Management PLUS+ Online system; and purchase and implement additional Risk Management PLUS+ tools available from The McCalmon Group, Inc. (* Please note that the EPL renewal credit program is not available in Hawaii or for policyholders with EPL+ coverage purchased through Select Accounts MasterPacsm  policy.)

How does the renewal premium credit program work?

When an eligible Travelers policyholder purchases one or more additional risk control products and/or services from The McCalmon Group, Inc., the policyholder becomes eligible for a premium credit on the next Employment Practices Liability renewal with Travelers Bond & Financial Products.

The maximum amount of the credit is 10% of the policyholder’s Employment Practices Liability premium in force with Travelers Bond & Financial Products at the time of purchase or the purchase price of The McCalmon Group, Inc. product and/or service, whichever is less.

To receive the credit, the policyholder must:

  • Purchase the additional products and/or services from The McCalmon Group (see list of applicable products and services below);
  • Pay The McCalmon Group in full for the products and/or services; and
  • Successfully implement the products and services.

Once payment has been received and implementation achieved, The McCalmon Group will notify the policyholder and Travelers Bond & Financial Products to confirm eligibility for the credit.

The premium credit is activated through the successful purchase, payment, and implementation of one or more of the following:

  • The Model Handbook
  • Handbook Liability Review
  • Workplace Investigation Services

The Model Handbook (now available):

  • Provides additional model policies and procedures beyond what is provided as part of Risk Management PLUS+ Online; and
  • Supplies up-to-date policies that range from employee classification to e-mail privacy.
To learn more, go to Model Handbook.

Handbook Liability Review

  • Your key risk management policies and procedures will be analyzed.
  • After a careful review by an employment expert, a telephone consultation will be scheduled to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your risk policies.

To request more information, go to Handbook Review.

Workplace Investigation Services

Workplace investigations are important to discover the facts, but also help establish that you have made a reasonable effort to respond to the wrongdoing.

To request more information, go to Workplace Investigation.

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