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Is It Ok To Cry At Work? You Make The Call

Crying at work may indicate that employees are working in an extremely stressful or toxic environment. A survey conducted by Monster revealed that out of 3,078 workers, five percent cry at work daily, eight percent cry weekly, and nearly fifty percent have cried at work "only a few times."

In another survey, workers cited workplace bullying, workload, clients, mistakes, or personal matters as the reason for crying at work. Forty-five percent of workers stated that their boss or colleague was what caused them to cry. Bosses and coworkers who routinely make employees cry at work have a negative impact on workplace culture. Bullying in the workplace makes employees less productive, damages morale, and adds stress to a workforce that is already experiencing too much stress.

A CareerCast survey asked workers to rate their stress level on a ten-point scale. A whopping eighty percent of those who responded rated their stress levels as a seven or higher. Also, 94 percent of U.S. and U.K. workers described experiencing high levels of stress at work, and 60 percent admitted searching for a less stressful job.

Crying at work can be a sign of a work-related stress or a harmful work environment. Experts recommend that employees who find themselves crying frequently at work should find a new job. Additionally, stressful and toxic work environments need interventions from management if they are to improve. Valerie Bolden-Barrett "Most people have cried at work at least once, survey says" hrdive.com (Aug. 16, 2019).

So, the question for our readers is: Is it ok to cry at work?

Please take the poll. Here are some opinions of the McCalmon editorial staff.

Jack McCalmon, Esq.

It is okay to cry at work. What concerns me are actions of others that make a person cry. If you see someone crying at work, investigate the reason. You may find that it is has nothing to do with work, but it could also be abuse or harassment.  

Leslie Zieren, Esq.

Tears are interesting. We all have different kinds of tears - the ones always keeping our eyes wet; the ones our eyes produce when an irritant (like a peeled onion) is present; and emotional response tears. The chemical content of these three types is different.

Humans are wired to cry in response to significant emotions, both positive and negative. Holding back tears at work can create unnecessary stress. If you've received a harsh, and maybe undeserved review or you just found out your pet project failed to take off, having a good cry to diffuse some of the stress can help you move past the failure and more forward more quickly than would repressing your reaction.    

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